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My writing crosses genres and types, from fiction to historical documentaries. I'm especially proud of the two romantic fantasy series, the Dragshi Chronicles and the Windmaster novels. Originally conceived as short stories, the characters came to life for me and my readers. I hope they will for you also.

My feature stories and news pieces on topics of antiques, collectibles, military history, archaeology, and local New Jersey history have appeared in over a dozen regional and national publications including Antique Week, Military Trader, and New Jersey Outdoors, and VFW Magazine.

As a local historian, I authored From the Back Street to Main Street... And Beyond, a history of the Methodist Community of Middletown Point, and two books on the Monmouth County towns of Matawan Borough and Aberdeen Township.

Published by Arcadia Publishing, Around Matawan & Aberdeen is a pictorial history, while Of Town & Field, is a comprehensive history.

My fiction crosses genres: historical adventures (written while listening to the Ashokan Farewell), westerns (to western movie themes), science fiction and fantasy to Celtic harp and flute. I've also written young adult and children stories, and slice-of-life vignettes.

As a person, I have tried to find a balance between my typical Gemini characteristics. My heritage is also a reflection of contrasts -- the descendent of a coal-miner's daughter and a flight engineer. I grew up knowing the simple life on a small rural farm, yet my professional career was designing computers.

Home for me and my husband of 40-plus years was a small town just across the Raritan Bay from where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center stood. We remodelled our 1915 home one room at a time over the years, with me wielding both hammer and staple gun.

My hobbies are simple, walking or biking around town, especially when there is a town-wide yard sale. Handcrafts and creating presents for friends and family help keep my hands nimble for typing.

Thank you for visiting and allowing me the opportunity to welcome you to my site. If you want to know more, stop by my blog for thoughts on writing and life by clicking on the following link. helenhenderson-author.blogspot.com.

Bye for now. Helen

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