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The dragshi are more than just a man or woman, but two beings—one a dragon, the other a human. The pair share one body in space and time and are able to change forms with the other at will. Join them on flights of fancy amongst the clouds.

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Hatchling's Vengeance - Book Four

Finding your mate is only half the battle. Keeping them alive is the other when duty has other demands and Fate holds all the cards.


Lady Glynnes Janaleigh had found her mate. Fate would determine whether or not she could keep him. Not even dragon fire and talons were enough to overcome the mind control wielded by the leader called—the Parant who means to destroy all dragon shifters.


For those who the Parant commands, will vengeance yield to love and provide a path to redemption? Or will retribution decree the punishment for path acts be death?

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Hatchling's Mate - Book Three

From their birth, it was expected that the only two children born to the dragon shifters would marry. Unlike his female counterpart, no dragons sang a welcome at Talann’s birth and years later, although Lexii’s dragon twin had awakened, there was still no sign of Talann’s.

Haldric acquired his hatred of shifters not only from his relative, Lady Broch, the bandit leader who died at the hands of the dragshi, but his uncle Waljan, known to his followers as the Parant. The cult leader possessed the ability to turn men and women into his willing slaves. Haldric means to use his uncle’s power to bend Lexii to his own will. Even if meant killing anyone who stood between him and Lexii--including Talann and the Parant.

Glyn, Lexii’s bodyguard, fights to keep hidden the secret no one could never learn and fears the loss when the betrayal is discovered.

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Hatchlings Curse - Book Two

Lord Branin Llewlyn means to break the hatchling’s curse and end the childlessness of his kind. All that stands in his way is destiny and the firebrand leader of an outlaw band, the Lady Broch. For she has sworn to have Branin on his knees at her feet. No matter what the cost.

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4 Stars  Any fantasy lover would enjoy this epic tale. InD'tale Magazine.
Go to http://www.indtale.com/reviews/paranormal-urban-fantasy/hatchlings-curse for the full review.

5 Roses A Great Fantasy. Roses & Thorns Reviews.

Go to http://rosesndthorns.blogspot.com/2015/10/hatchlings-curse-by-helen-henderson.html  for the full review.

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Dragon Destiny - Book One

Branin is the last dragon shifter born in over 300 years. As a dragshi, he can take the form of his dragon soul twin, Llewlyn and knows the freedom of flight, but not happiness. Both are the last of their kind and have waited millenia for their mates. The firebrand leader of an outlaw band, Lady Broch of Ky'port is more than willing to fulfill that position--with or without Branin's willing cooperation.


When a faint thought impinged on Branin's mind, hope for an ending to eons of loneliness soared.


Plagued by doubts because no signs of a dragon shifter's birth have been seen, Branin searches the world for the mysterious girl he only knows by the name, Anastasia.


All that stands between their happiness is destiny—and Broch.


Click here for excerpts and for a teaser of what one reviewer said: Dragon Destiny is one of the best dragon shifter stories I have ever read. I cannot wait to see what happens to Stacia, Branin and the others in the next volume. Totally one You Gotta Read! For the full review, go to  http://yougottaread.com/review-dragon-destiny-by-helen-b-henderson/

And from Reader's Favorite review site:

"Helen B. Henderson gives the reader a powerful tale of young love, of holding back, of understanding and of making life work."  ... "There is a richness in her writing ... You find yourself being pulled into the story and not wanting to put it down. ... "Worth reading and one enjoyable read!"

For the full review, go to https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/dragon-destiny


Legends from the Eyrie

Within each of the chronicles, the ceoltiers, the keepers of the past and teachers of the present, recount some legend. As with all such tales, some contain larger than life deeds. Others are the simple story of a man or woman doing what must be done, regardless of the cost. Sometimes embellished, the ceoltiers use the stories of times and actions past to educate and inspire. Magic and Steel is just one of the legends.

Magic and Steel, Mt'wan Comraich

Bodyguard to a lady dragon shifter threatened by a former suitor, Kedar dared not fail in his duty--or love the Lady Mairin Alidryer of the Dragshi.

Magic and Steel - Mt''wan Comraich: A novella of duty and honor, love and adventure from the Chronicles of the Dragshi.

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