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Come for Tea and Romance

Love romance?

You're invited to tea and treats at a Romance Reader Valentine's Tea.
Eight talented authors discuss their books and genre.

Saturday, Feb. 10th  1-4 PM

M. R. Davis Library, Southaven MS 

Angela Kay Austin /    Suzanne Rossi     

Patricia Potter  / Linda Rettstatt   

Kim Smith   /   Jodi Vaughn

Debra Parmley  /   Jessica Patch

I'll be there too. Hope to see you for tea and books at the
Romance Readers' Valentine Tea.


Now Available -
First Change: Legends From The Eyrie

Within each of the Dragshi Chronicles, the ceoltiers, the keepers of the past and teachers of the present, recount some story from legend and history. Book 5 of the Dragshi Chronicles, FIrst Change: Legends From The Eyrie tells the full story behind the legend.

As with all such tales, some contain larger than life deeds. Others are the simple story of a man or woman doing what must be done, regardless of the cost.

Details on the three novellas and two bonus short stories that  comprise First Change can be found on this page.

Buy Links:
One click to most major ebook retailers  https://www.books2read.com/u/49PMZp


Four cups for Hatchling's Vengeance

Review --4 Cups from CoffeeTimeRomance

"The complexity of the story, the romance, the number of secondary characters and the strength of the world building make this novel a true keeper."

Read the rest of the review at 


Paperback from: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

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Windmaster Legacy -
Chose magic or the life of a loved one

Ellspeth and the dark-haired archmage Dal, escort his mother to her ancestral lands. Their plans change when mercenaries under the control of a rogue mage attack.

Dal's mother is fatally wounded. Ellspeth is captured and her sole hope for escape is Nobyn, an untrained wizard going through the throes of awakening magic. However, Nobyn is Bashim's apprentice and under the mage's total control.

Dal must make an impossible decision whether to rescue Ellspeth, save his mother, or thwart Bashim's plans. As archmage, Dal might be able to survive killing the future of magic, but as a man could he live with the knowledge he caused the death of a loved one.

Excerpts and a free read of the first chapter available here
Paperback available at: 
Amazon / Amazon UK 
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Review - 4 Roses for Hatchings Curse
from Roses and Thorns Reviews

Here's a few tidbits from the review.

"Hatchling’s Curse: Book Two of The Dragshi Chronicles, is very well-written with heroes and heroines with whom one can identify and root for, an enemy with clear motives, great world-building, steady pacing—in short, everything one needs to write a five-rose thriller/fantasy/romance."

Read the full review at  Roses and Thorns Reviews.

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